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This page is posted as a guide to the courses offered in the science department. The information on this page is meant to be a general guideline to help students plan their science education at Lake Park.

How many years of science should you take?

Lake Park Graduation Requirements: 3 Years
Illinois State Universities and Colleges Entrance Requirements: 3 or 4 Years

Which science courses should you take?

The Science Department staff at Lake Park has put together the following table of educational/career goals and the classes that they believe will prepare you to reach those goals. These are general recommendations, individual needs may vary.

College/Career Goal: Recommended classes:
Engineering/Technology Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and AP Physics
Meteorology/Geology Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space
Medicine Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology
Physical Therapy Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology
Chemical Engineering Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP Chemistry
Other Majors/Interests Biology, Chemistry, Physics